Customizing Item URLs for SEO

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SuiteCommerce Web Stores

By default, item URLs are displayed using the urlcomponent defined on item records, or if that is not defined for an item record, the product and internalid for the item is used. For example you may see something similar to as the URL for an Item. To maximize SEO, it is better to use URL components which results in a URL similar to

To use urlcomponents for item urls:

  1. Add the URL Component Field to the Search Field Set.

    1. Go to Setup > SuiteCommerce Advanced > Set Up Web Site and click Edit next to the desired site.

    2. In the Field Sets tab, select Fields Included in Field Set details for the search Field Set and click the Set icon in the lower right corner.

    3. In the Edit Field Set dialog box, Select the URL Component field and click Add.

    4. Click Submit and then Done on the search line item.

    The urlcomponent field is now added to the field set.

  2. Set the urlcomponent field on the items records.

    1. Go to Lists > Web Site > Items.

    2. Click Edit next to the desired Item.

    3. Enter the desired URL Component in the Web Store tab under the Search Engine and Feeds section.