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Seven Key SuiteWorld 2019 Breakout Sessions for Commerce Developers to Attend

SuiteWorld is just around the corner and it's time to decide what sessions you're going to attend! Returning to Las Vegas, April 1-4, 2019, there's plenty to choose from and we've taken the time to pick out the top sessions for commerce developers.

As always, we strongly recommend attending all of the keynote sessions: this is where we deliver the most important messages and key updates. Plus, this year, we have a special appearance by Shaquille O'Neal, who is not only delivering a keynote, but also DJing (as DJ Diesel) for Glofest.

The full session catalog is now live, as the personal agenda builder: allowing you to register now for the sessions you want to attend.

Finally, before we get into the recommendations, let me remind you that, at the time of writing, there is still time to sign up and there is still time to get standard and group ticket discounts, if you register before March 15. Head over to and sign up!

Technical Talks

I've split these up into technical and non-technical talks. Both kinds are appropriate for commerce developers, but I strongly recommend attending all of the technical ones.

What a Difference a Year Makes: Beginner Extensions to Best-Practice SuiteApps (DEV1244SES)

I'm going to get the self-promotion out of the way first! This is my presentation, which I am co-presenting with Juan Carlos Silva Otero, a principal software engineer in our commerce team.

Last year, Joaquín Gatica and I gave a presentation introducing the commerce extension framework, and, this year, Juan and I are going to build on that foundation by talking about the developments that have happened since then.

Importantly, Juan is going to be delivering a lot of new information on our best practices, what we've learnt from a year of developing official NetSuite extensions, and what the future holds for extension development.

Speed Up Your Site: Optimizing Ecommerce Performance (DEV1086SES)

Ecommerce performance sessions at SuiteWorld are usually among the most popular and highly recommend sessions, and with good reason. Every year our performance engineers deliver top insights into how we're working hard to provide the means for customers to unblock performance bottlenecks.

This year, one of our senior performance engineers, Martin Przepiorka, is joined by Juraj Baric, a senior product manager in the commerce platform team. Not only will this presentation deliver invaluable advice about the work you can be doing to improve your site, but you'll also get a look at the new tools that Juraj's team is providing, and the work they're doing behind the scenes to domain configuration, security certificates, caching, and more.

Ask The Experts: SuiteCloud and Commerce Development (DEV1487SES)

This open session features a number of Suite experts including our own Florencia Meilán, who has penned a number of technical blog posts for us. This is the perfect opportunity to get any burning questions you have answered, as well as hear from other developers in the community who also have questions.


Although appropriate for all audiences, these are still ideal for commerce developers because of the valuable insight you'll get that you might not get anywhere outside of SuiteWorld.

On the Horizon: Ecommerce & Promotions Product Roadmap (MKS1165SES)

Another must-see presentation. Here from the leaders of the commerce product management team about where ecommerce and promotions are going over the next 6, 12, and 18 months.

While we share product visions as part of the keynotes, special roadmap sessions allow us to share the complete view about all aspects of the product.

SEO for Ecommerce: Migrate, Optimize, and Grow to the Next Level (MKS1221SES)

Search engine optimization is not just about the tactics you employ in specific scenarios, it's also about devising and implementing a strong strategy. Digital experience manager Diego Gallo, and senior product manager in the search team, Kabir Merali, are hosting a session on just this.

Diego is the go-to expert in the team for troubleshooting SEO and advising on best practices, whereas Kabir is the leader of the roadmap for the commerce search team. Both of them are well-placed to offer advice on not only getting the most out of SEO when on the NetSuite platform, but also on what you'll need to migrate to us and flourish thereafter.

Enhance & Extend: How to Get a Cutting-Edge Site with Commerce Extensions (MKS1194SES)

If you're interested in refreshing your foundational knowledge of commerce extensions, this is the perfect session. Or, if you're bringing along colleagues or customers who are unfamiliar with or considering migrating to SuiteCommerce, this will furnish them with all they need to know about what's available and if it's a good fit for them.

React in Real Time: The Importance of Data in Giving Customers What They Want (MKS1206SES)

My final session shoutout is for an interesting sounding session. In short, it looks at how gathering analytics about your customers can give you an edge when it comes to meeting your customer and business needs. They say, "Information means competitive advantage, and knowing how to use it in your customers' favor will increase conversion and engagement", and I am inclined to agree.

Commerce Connect & Grow and DEVLAND

For all commerce folk, we have Commerce Connect & Grow, which is staffed by all manor of SuiteCommerce folk. If you want to have a chat about commerce (technical or non-technical) we will be there during expo hours. We will also be running sessions with our product managers and designers, gathering feedback about upcoming features.

Specifically for developers is DEVLAND. Not just for commerce, but all NetSuite developers, it is the ideal way to meet up with like-minded technical folk, attend interesting lightning talks, hangout with NetSuiters who know their stuff.

Final Thoughts

Last year we had 33 commerce sessions, and this year we have 37. I've listed only a few, so make sure you check out the full session catalog.

Also, let me remind you that there's still time to register, so if you're not sure you want to go, I hope that this gets you over the line.