Assigning Items in the Hierarchy

After you have created a merchandise hierarchy version with the required levels and nodes, you can assign items to leaf nodes in the hierarchy version.


You can currently assign only inventory items to a merchandise hierarchy.

A field on the Item record called Hierarchy Node is used to determine exactly where the item is assigned to the selected merchandise hierarchy. The hierarchy node represents the full path of the node (not just the name of the node) that the item is assigned to. The full path goes back to the root node of the hierarchy. This ensures you can uniquely identify the correct node to which the item should be assigned in the hierarchy, even when the selected node has the same name as another node.

For example, if you want to assign women’s jackets to a merchandise hierarchy, you need to distinguish between the jackets node for Men’s Wear and the jackets node for Women’s Wear. The hierarchy node would be: NORSO : Women’s Wear : Tops : Jackets.

You can only assign items to a leaf node (a node in the hierarchy that does not have child nodes). The Hierarchy Node options in the list are limited to leaf nodes. For example, in the previous image, you cannot assign items to the Bottoms, Shoes, or Tops nodes in the hierarchy. The options available are:

  • NORSO : Men’s Wear : Bottoms : Pants

  • NORSO : Men’s Wear : Tops : Jackets

  • NORSO : Sporting Goods: Backpacks

  • NORSO : Sporting Goods: Tents

  • NORSO : Women’s Wear : Bottoms : Pants

  • NORSO : Women’s Wear : Bottoms : Skirts

  • NORSO : Women’s Wear : Shoes : Boots

  • NORSO : Women’s Wear : Tops : Jackets

  • NORSO : Women’s Wear : Tops : Shirts

Parent and child matrix items do not have to be assigned to the same hierarchy node. You can assign child matrix items to different nodes directly from each child matrix item record.

To assign an item to a hierarchy version:


You must select the Standard Inventory Part Form in the Custom Form list on an item record to view the Merchandise Hierarchy subtab. Or customize your item form to include the fields provided on the Merchandise Hierarchy subtab.

  1. Go to Lists > Accounting > Items (Administrator)

  2. Locate the item you want to assign to a hierarchy version in the list and click Edit.

  3. Select the Standard Inventory Part Form in the Custom Form list – if it is not already selected. If you do not select this form, you will not be able to see the Merchandise Hierarchy subtab.

  4. If you have defined multiple hierarchy versions in your system, on the Merchandise Hierarchy subtab check the Include in Version box for the merchandise hierarchy version you want to assign the item to. You can assign an item to multiple versions.

  5. Select a hierarchy node in the Hierarchy Node list to determine where in the selected merchandise hierarchy the item is assigned. The hierarchy node is the full path of the node the item is assigned to, back to the root of the hierarchy.

  6. Click Save.

After you assign an item to a hierarchy node you can see the item listed when you select the node in the Hierarchy Manager. Click on the item in the Information Panel to open the item record.