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When a user browses a website, data is transmitted between their browser and the website using a protocol called HTTP, which controls how the data is transmitted.

Secure domains use HTTPS, which is the secure version of Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP). With an HTTPS connection, all communication between a browser and a website is encrypted. HTTPS is currently the industry standard for ecommerce services, and consumers prefer seeing the secure icon in their browser address bar. Including secure technology in your shopping area assures your customers that their activities on your site are safe. Also, search engines often rank secure sites higher than non-secure sites. Operating your web store shopping under a secure domain is one method for improving your search engine optimization (SEO).

To be classified as HTTPS, a domain must have its encryption process certified. This is done by purchasing a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate from a certificate authority. This digital certificate includes the data files that encrypt any information being transferred between a website and browser. See Overview of SSL Encryption for information on how SSL encryption works.

In NetSuite, most domain types can be secured using an SSL certificate. You can use a certificate obtained for you by Oracle NetSuite or you can obtain your own certificate from an authorized certificate authority. For details, see Types of Secure Domain in NetSuite and Automatic and Manual Certificates.