Create and Modify Web Store Email Templates

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SuiteCommerce Web Stores

You can create email templates to customize email messages sent from your web store. The types of email for which you can create templates are order-related email, digital delivery notifications, and other notifications such as checkout error alerts. Once you have created a web store email template, you can select it for use on the Web Site Setup record.

To create email templates for messages sent from the web store:

  1. Go to Documents > Templates > Web Store Email Templates

  2. Click New.

  3. Enter a name for the email template. In the Name field, include the email type and the language for which you plan to use the template.

    If you use multiple websites, include the name of the site with which you plan to associate the email template. For example, Order Received - English - MyWebSite. This name is not visible to customers receiving email messages.

  4. (Optional) Select a Language to associate with the template. Note that translation does not happen automatically. Use the language field to sort multiple email templates if you use multiple languages on your web store.

  5. (Optional) Add a Description for the message.

  6. In the Subject field, enter the text you want to display in the email subject line. Note that the email subject line only supports tags for: Customer name, your company name, the order number and the date and time. For more information, see Tags Available for Web Store Email Templates.


    Tags used in web store email templates are supported in both Site Builder and SuiteCommerce.

  7. Create the email template. You can choose whether to upload a file that you have prepared outside of NetSuite, or create the template in the Text Editor.

    • Choose File, and then select the template file, if you have created the template outside of NetSuite. Select New if you have not already uploaded your template file to the file cabinet. For best results, use UTF-8 encoding for the characters in your email template.

    • Choose Text Editor if you have not yet created your template. Compose your template in the rich text field, or click the icon in the left corner to use HTML.

      See Tags Available for Web Store Email Templates to view a list of website tags designed to access commonly used fields.


      Password recovery email templates must contain the <NLRECOVERYPASSWORDURL> tag.

  8. After you finish creating the template, click Save.

    You can now use the email template for messages sent from your web store. See Select Email Templates for your Web Site for more information.