SuiteCommerce Payment Instruments Integration

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SuiteCommerce | SuiteCommerce Advanced


SuiteCommerce lets you take advantage of NetSuite’s Payment Instruments feature. This feature lets you use tokenized payment methods and additional payment gateways. See Tokenized Payment Instruments.


  • SuiteCommerce or SuiteCommerce Advanced 2019.1 (or later)

  • A domain with an active theme built using SuiteCommerce Base Theme 2019.1 or later. See SuiteCommerce Base Theme.


    The 2019.1 (or later) version of SuiteCommerce Base Theme includes the templates required to use tokenized payment instruments.


    Tokenized payment instruments are not supported on SiteBuilder Extensions.

With payment instruments support:

Payment Card Management

With Payment Instruments enabled, logged-in users can:

  • Add new debit and credit cards to their account.

  • See saved tokenized and non-tokenized debit and credit cards in Checkout.

  • Enter payment information for a single transaction that is not saved for future purchases.

  • Enter additional card payment instrument security information when required by the card issuer or payment gateway.

To enable the Payment Instruments feature in NetSuite, see the help topic Payment Instruments.

Tokenized Payment Instruments

Tokenized payment instruments increase payment security by substituting sensitive payment card data with a payment card token that does not include sensitive data.

After you set up tokenized payment instruments on your site, NetSuite creates a token the first time a shopper uses their payment card to complete a transaction. SuiteCommerce uses the token for all future transactions using that payment card.


Activating the NetSuite Payment Instruments feature changes the structure of your payment records and is not reversible. Tokens created prior to enabling the Payment Instruments feature are inaccessible and cannot be used. Contact your NetSuite account manager to determine if you are eligible to use this feature.

After your NetSuite account manager adds the Payment Instruments feature to your NetSuite account, you can set up tokenized payment instruments.

See the help topic Tokenization for additional information about tokenization.

Setting up tokenized payment instruments for SuiteCommerce

To set up tokenized payment instruments for SuiteCommerce:

  1. Set up accounting preferences to allow credit card payments from your web store. See Setting up Accounting Preferences for Your Commerce Web Store.

  2. Enable the Payment Instruments record. See the help topic Payment Instruments.


    The Payment Instrument feature check box is available when your NetSuite account manager adds this feature to your NetSuite account.

  3. Create one or more payment methods for tokenized payment cards. See the help topic Creating a Payment Method.

    • In the Type field, select Payment Card Token.

    • Enable the Display in Web Site option.

    • On the Payment Visuals subtab, choose which images are used on the web store checkout page for this payment method.

  4. Set up an alternative payment method processing profile for tokenized payments. See the help topic Setting Up an Alternative Payment Method Processing Profile.

  5. Assign the new payment processing profile to your website. See Assigning Payment Processing Profiles to Your Website.

  6. In NetSuite, go to Setup > SuiteCommerce Advanced > Set Up Web Site > Shopping tab > Shopping Basics and enable the Require Authorization for Credit Card Transactions option.

Your site users now benefit from the additional security of tokenized payment card transactions when using their debit and credit cards in Checkout.