Add a Map and Contact Information

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SuiteCommerce | SuiteCommerce Advanced | Site Management Tools


To include a map with your store’s location, operating hours, and contact information on your website, add the Map & Contact content type to a page of your site using SMT.

To add a map and contact information:

  1. In your website, navigate to the page where you want to add a map and contact information.

  2. Log in to SMT.

    For more information on logging in to SMT, see Users and Roles.

  3. In Edit mode, click Add on the Site Management toolbar.

  4. Drag the Map & Contact content type to the page.


    If you do not see this content type, check that the extension has been installed and is active. Click Settings on the Site Management toolbar to access the Content Manager. Drag the content type from the Inactive Content Types list to the Active Content Type list.

    You can drag the Map & Contact content type to multiple areas on the page.

    For more information on the scopes of different SMT areas, see Site Management Tools Areas.

  5. Click Save.