Activate Extensions

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SuiteCommerce Web Stores

The Extensions tab lists extensions that are available for activation. You use this tab to select any extensions to activate.

This step displays the progress bar to communicate the status of your activations and logs the specific tasks for your reference. When you complete this step, the activation process begins immediately with no further action required.

Review the Activation Log to monitor the progress. When the Activation is 100% complete, you can navigate to your domain to confirm the changes. Click Back to Activations to return to Step 1.


As long as the Cancel button is available, you can cancel the activation without affecting your domain. When the Cancel button becomes unavailable, the activation process is actively updating your domain. You are then committed to the process.

To activate extensions:

  1. On the Activate Themes and Extensions page, select the Extensions tab.

  2. Check the Active box next to any extensions you want to activate.

    You can activate any number of extensions for a domain or none at all.

  3. To deactivate an extension, clear the associated Active box.

  4. Do one of the following:

    • If you want to select a theme to activate, select the Themes tab and see Activate a Theme.

      You must choose a theme to proceed with the activation.

    • If you are ready to process your activations, click Activate.

    • To abort the activation, click Cancel.

  5. If this is the initial activation for a domain, clear the domain's cache by triggering a cache invalidation request. See Cache Invalidation for details.