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The Extension Manager alerts you if an update is available for an active theme or extension. The Extension Manager displays the latest version available with an update alert icon . In both the Themes and Extensions tabs, the box in the Update column is now enabled for the applicable item, as shown in the example below.

Be aware of the following important information regarding updates:

  • When an update becomes available, it does not automatically update the theme or extension on your domain. You must manually activate the latest version using the steps described in this section.

  • The update alert icon only appears for themes and extensions that are currently active. If an update is available for a theme or extension that is not currently active on a domain, you will not see the alert icon. Instead, the latest version is now available as an option.

  • Updates that are part of managed bundles become available for update automatically.

  • You are not required to update a theme or extension for a domain.

  • As a best practice, activate updates to a development domain and test thoroughly before activating to a production domain.

To keep the current version, leave the Update box clear (unchecked). The update remains available until you either activate the latest version or deactivate the current version.

To update a theme or extension:

  1. On the Activate Themes and Extensions page, select the Themes or Extensions tab, whichever applies to the update available.

  2. Check the Update box next to the theme or extension you want to update.

    This box is only enabled for themes and extensions with an update available.

  3. Click Activate to activate the update, or click Cancel to abort.


    If you deactivate the current version without updating, the Extension Manager processes your activation and removes the theme or extension from your domain. The latest update version becomes your only option to activate the next time you launch the Extension Manager.