Create a Look Book

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SuiteCommerce | SuiteCommerce Advanced


You can create multiple Look Books to present a variety of collections. You can determine the name, image, descriptions, and text color of the Look Book to find a display that fits your needs. After creating the Look Book, you can then add the associated Looks.

To create a Look Book:

  1. In NetSuite, go to Lists > Web Site > Look Book > New.

  2. Set the following fields:




    Sets the name for the Look Book.


    If checked, the Look Book is inactive and does not appear on your site.


    Determines the URL path for the Look Book page.

    This URL is appended to the Look Book prefix. The final URL for the Look Book page should end in /lookbook/[URL], where [URL] equals the value of this field.

    Short Description

    Sets the short description for the Look Book.

    This displays above the Long Description.

    Long Description

    Sets the long description for the Look Book.

    This displays below the Short Description.

    Right Align Text

    If checked, aligns the text on the Look slides to the right.

    Text Color

    Determines the color of the text on the slides.

    This field supports text, HEX, or RGB.


    Sets the background image for the Look Book title slide.

    To use a Look Book title slide, Display Look Book Slide (located on the SC Configuration record) must be checked.

    Title Tag

    Determines the title tag used for third-party indexing.

    Meta Description

    Determines the meta description used for third-party indexing.

    Meta Keywords

    Determines the meta keywords used for third-party indexing.

  3. Click Save.

    After saving, a Custom tab is created on the Look Book record, where you can add Looks. For more information on adding Looks to a Look Book, see Add Looks to a Look Book.