Migrate to the Latest Release of SuiteCommerce Advanced

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To ensure that you implement the latest features, bug fixes, and changes to SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA), install the latest major or minor release of the active version, whichever is highest. See SuiteCommerce and SuiteCommerce Advanced Release Notes for the list of changes and bundle ID of the latest version.

Because SuiteCommerce Advanced SuiteApps are unmanaged bundles, updates are not automatically pushed to your site. This structure is in place to ensure that existing customizations are not impacted unexpectedly with each update. Therefore, you must manually update the bundle to the latest major or minor release to receive the latest changes.

The correct procedures to follow depend on the current release of your SCA site. Follow the correct procedures, described below:


Performing a bundle update causes all files in the existing SCA Source directory to be replaced with the updated set of files. The new source file changes and your existing customizations must be re-deployed from your local environment before changes take effect on a domain pointing to the Development SSP application. Even though both major and minor releases maintain the same Bundle ID, you must still re-link your site record and domain to the updated SSP application.

These topics also apply to administrators testing a new major or minor release by deploying to a development SSP within a site record.