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Using the SC Custom Fields extension, you can choose to display any standard or custom item field on the Product Details Page (PDP) and Quick View window. Additionally, experienced customers can add item properties to the fields to improve search engine optimization.

Activating the Custom Fields extension adds several native NetSuite fields to the Custom Fields section of the SC Configuration record, which you can use to display additional item details.

You can also create your own custom fields to include on the PDP. Standard or custom item fields display on the PDP in the SKU label format.

To make native NS or custom fields available for use on the PDP, you must:

  1. Update Field Sets

  2. Configure Custom Fields for the PDP

Update Field Sets

The field sets for a website determine the data that is exposed to site templates. To employ custom fields on the PDP, you must add several fields to the details field set for the site. For more information on field sets, see Define Field Sets.

These instructions include the fields added automatically with the extension, but you must also add any additional fields you want to display on the PDP.

To add custom fields to the Web Site Setup Record:

  1. Go to Setup > SuiteCommerce Advanced > Set Up Web Site.

  2. Click Edit next to the website to which you are adding custom fields.

  3. Navigate to the Field Sets subtab.

  4. Add the following fields to the details field set:

    • UPC Code

    • Manufacturer

    • MPN

    • Manufacturer Country

    • Item Weight

    For each field, perform the following steps:

    1. Locate the Fields Included in Field Set column of the details field set and click the Set button.

    2. Select the fields from the Field Name list and click Add.

    3. In the Field Set window, click Submit.

    4. In the Field Set row, click OK.

  5. After adding all of the fields to the field set, click Save.

Configure Custom Fields for the PDP

Use the SC Configuration record to choose which fields to add to the PDP and Quick View window. You can also associate each field with a schema property to improve search engine optimization.

To configure Custom Fields for the PDP:

  1. In NetSuite, go to Setup > SuiteCommerce Advanced > Configuration.

  2. Select the website and domain where the Custom Fields extension is activated and click Configure.

  3. Navigate to the Extensions tab.

  4. In the Custom Fields subtab, PDP Fields section, set the following fields for each custom field you want to include on the PDP:



    Label and Field ID

    Links to the label and field ID of the field to include on the PDP.

    The item field ID is listed as [[fieldid]] to automatically display the value. If an item does not have a value for a field, the field does not display for that item.

    You can use more than one field within the same line to display the fields in conjunction. For example, if the Label and Field ID field is set to Item Weight: [[weight]] [[weightunit]], the line displays as Item Weight: 7 lb.


    If checked, displays this field on the PDP and Quick View window.

    Hide from Quick View

    If checked, hides this field from the Quick View window.

    If unchecked, this field still appears on the PDP if the Enable field is checked. Property

    Links to a schema property tag to improve search engine optimization.

    You can find a list of suggested schema properties and more information at

    This feature is for experienced users; NetSuite does not verify if the schema property is correct.

  5. Click Save.