Types of Secure Domain in NetSuite

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SuiteCommerce | SuiteCommerce Advanced


You can secure the following domain types using SSL certificates in NetSuite:

  • Single Domain for Web Store and Checkout - these let you run your shopping and checkout under a single secure HTTPS domain.

  • Web Store Only - also known as shopping domains. Web Store domains can be both secure and non-secure.

  • Checkout Only - all checkout domains must be secure as they accept customer payment details. For more details, see Link a Checkout Domain with your Web Store.

  • Secure Hosted Web Page domains - these domains point to a page hosted in your NetSuite File Cabinet. Hosted Web Page domains can be both secure and non-secure.

  • Secure Redirect URL domains -  these domains redirect the URL to a URL on a different website or a page on a different site. Redirect URL domains can be both secure and non-secure.

The process for securing any of these domain types depends on whether you opt to use automatic or manual certificates. For information on these options, see Automatic and Manual Certificates.

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