Pricing Modifiers

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SuiteCommerce | SuiteCommerce Advanced

SuiteBilling Subscriptions provide two pricing modifiers. These modifiers can be combined with different pricing models to provide additional savings (and volume purchase incentives) for your customers:

SuiteBilling Subscriptions for SuiteCommerce supports the combinations of pricing models and pricing modifiers shown below.

Combination 1

Combination 2

Combination 3

Tiered Pricing


Volume Pricing








Discount Pricing Modifiers

Discount pricing modifiers structure discounts based on the total net amount of the purchase. These discounts are expressed as a percentage off of the total purchase amount.


  • Total Amount: $95.00

  • Discount: 10%

  • Calculated value of the discount ($95.00 * 10%) = $9.50

  • Total amount after discounts ($95.00 - $9.50) = $85.50

Usage Pricing Modifiers

Usage pricing modifiers do not directly change the total price, but changes how the price is shown in commerce web stores. Since the total amount is based on how much a service is used, the total is not known prior to billing. For example, if you charge $5.00 per megabyte used per month, the total is not known until the end of the service period.