This section describes the pre-built user interface components that developers and designers can use to create controls and show information, without having to create them themselves. It will also include things to do with user experience that don’t fit well into other categories.

A lot of these UI molecules are either proprietary NetSuite code, or use third-party libraries that rely on proprietary code to implement them in the web store.

The term ‘molecule’ is used as a logical extension of terms like ‘atoms’ and ‘elements’, which describe the individual building blocks of a web site. Molecules are complex, made up off multiple atoms, and so the term is used.

The code for these UI molecules can be inspected by those who access to the bundle source code (ie SuiteCommerce Advanced). Here some locations to look:

  • BootstrapExtras
  • GlobalViews
  • jQueryExtras

A number of atoms and molecules only require template and Sass changes. For reference, check our source code to see how we have implemented the one you are interested in.

Also note that a lot of default styling is provided in your theme, check in BaseSassStyles/Sass and then in the atoms and molecules directories.

Third-party libraries are stored in the third_parties folder.