Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a useful tool when implementing tags for tracking, advertising and analytics. It can be used standardize and optimize each tag’s JavaScript into a single call. This page offers a container generator tool, which can speed up the process of implementing GTM, as well as heading off common problems.

This tool is not suitable for SuiteCommerce or SuiteCommerce Advanced sites using Aconcagua or newer. These editions should use the SuiteCommerce Google Tag Manager Editor SuiteApp.

In the Mont Blanc release we added support for Google Tag Manager, which is a tag management system by Google that makes managing code for tracking, marketing and A/B testing easier. It works by replacing all the hardcoded calls to the tags in your code with a single snippet of code, which GTM calls a ‘container’.

This page will not cover how to set up GTM, which is covered in Google’s documentation as well as ours:

Container Generator Tool

To use the tool, select the services you want to include in your container by checking and unchecking the relevant checkboxes. For each service you want to include, you must provide the values for the relevant fields.

When ready, click the Download button.