Announcement: SuiteCommerce Themes Reference Sites

October 15, 2019 — this blog post has been edited. An earlier version of this post indicated that the themes were generally available and this is not the case. It should, in fact, have said that these themes are only available for customers through SuiteSuccess for Commerce implementations.

We are pleased to announce a series of reference SuiteCommerce web stores running themes built by NetSuite.

These showcase sites demonstrate the beautiful and functional starting points for new SuiteCommerce sites that are part of our SuiteSuccess for Commerce program. While each one is designed with a specific vertical in mind, each one can be adapted to suit any customer's needs.

Take a look for yourself:

Depending on their target vertical, the showcase sites are running some of our built-by-NetSuite commerce extensions.

If you're a partner or salesperson, feel free to share these links with your prospects and customers so that they can get a sense of how our themes look and feel. If you're a developer or designer, we hope that they'll serve as inspiration for your own themes.

Finally, as a reminder, a site's theme is just the beginning: with SuiteCommerce extensions, business users can easily add new functionality to their site. These can include banners and widgets, content pages (such as a blog), new page layouts, and more.

See our full list of NetSuite SuiteCommerce extensions for more ideas.

Developers and Designers

Each theme is fully compatible with our recently upgraded theme customizer, which is part of our site management tools. The theme customizer lets business users make changes to their web store's appearance in ways ranging from individual small color and font changes, to large sets of changes called skins.

If you need to go deeper, developers and designers can create their own themes starting with either the clean base theme, or one of our pre-made ones. From here you have complete control over the HTML templates and Sass styling. Pre-defined skins can also be included with custom themes — so, for example, you can create seasonal variations of your theme ahead of time.

But do keep in mind that if you do decide to customize a theme's Sass and template files directly, you are effectively creating an unmanaged bundle and therefore responsible for maintaining it. This means that each time a site's core commerce bundle (ie SuiteCommerce or SuiteCommerce Advanced) is updated, the theme may need to be migrated to a newer version to support new or changed functionality. The more customizations you make to theme's template and Sass files, the more work will be required.

To minimize this you can apply customizations through other avenues:

  • Page types and layouts — add new templates with extensions and select them as new layouts for existing pages using the site management tools
  • Theme customizer — as mentioned above, most Sass variables can be changed using the theme customizer in the site management tools
  • Skin manager — create a set of theme customizations and save them as a skin, so that they operate as a theme variation that can be activated at will
  • Image manager — also available through the site management tools, you can add, replace, and delete your site's static imagery

In short, the themes are as customizable as you wish — but we have a lot of powerful business user tools that we think are perfect for a lot of customizations that don't require code changes.

We hope you'll enjoy browsing around our showcase sites! If you wish to use these themes, remember that they are currently only available as part of SuiteSuccess; we are exploring making them generally available, and hope to achieve that soon.

A special thanks to our demo excellence team who have put the time and effort into bringing these sites to life.