This post will provide an update on the future on the NetSuite SuiteCommerce developer portal and what is happening to its content.

First, a little history. The developer portal was created in June 2014 in anticipation of the launch of the Denali version of SuiteCommerce Advanced. I started working on it around in April 2015, shortly before Evan announced the developer portal and the new version of SCA at SuiteWorld that year.

In its early incarnation, it was an attractive site but its content was just a subset of the existing commerce documentation and, so, my job was simple: create fresh, unique content every week or so to not only build up interest in the product but also to nurture a community of developers.

Every week I learnt something new and wrote it up, but I also spent time talking to you, our developers, about what you were working on and what troubles you were facing. This was the second part of my job: feeding back concerns, questions, ideas and improvements to the NetSuite team, so that our products, code, tools and training could be improved. Over a period of over 6 years, I am proud of what has been accomplished.

However, over time, strategies and motivations change—and that applies to the commerce developer portal.

So, to now. A few months ago, we begun a process of winding down the developer portal and its content. Just like with customers and the Suite, we believe the best way to serve developers is through a unified platform. Accordingly, we have started migrating content from this site to the Help Center and the Frontend Extensibility API documentation.

All pages have been carefully audited and ranked by myself, and I have asked our excellent technical writers to review that list and carefully merge and migrate content into our core documentation.

Going forward, you will start to see fewer and fewer pages on this site as I confirm with them that the important information has received a refresh and a new home. Pages that have been moved will be removed from this site’s navigation and replaced with short instructions on where to find it. It is unlikely that any new pages will be published on this site.

It was always my ambition that developers get all that they need to learn, customize, and optimize SuiteCommerce products and I am pleased that what I have produced is entering a new period of its life. I hope that you will continue to find what you’re looking for.

Good luck, developers!


PS, for your convenience, here is a list of pages that have been migrated: